Thursday, October 22, 2009

~Have You Ever Felt Like This Was You?

The colors here on the trees are fading and the leaves are gently falling here in Maine~ Some exciting and not so exciting things happening here in the studio~ The past few days have felt like an emotional roller coaster~ lots of ups and downs~
My mom had eye surgery and it was successful!!! YAY!!! She has some of her sight back and will still improve over the next few days~ she is very pleased with the outcome and of course, so are we!!!
Took a day off out of the studio to regroup and spend some time with my parents~ the past day or two has been hurtful and some lessons well learned~ yes,I am still learning as I go even at my age~ My mother has owned two artsy type businesses since I was little girl and I figured she would have some good advice to help me move on~ Boy, did I ever open a can of worms~She had lots of advice!!However, her key piece of advice was~ "Everyone has there own way of doing business~and not everyone is going to like it but will be real quick to criticize and tell you what you should of done!" My Goodness... SHE HIT THAT NAIL RIGHT ON THE HEAD!!! So,advice well taken and time to move forward~ new doors have opened already~ tomorrow will be spent in the studio preparing for my Homestead Harvest Show in Farmington, Maine this weekend~
Until next time,

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

And the Winner is.......

Danielle From PA!!! Thanks to everyone who entered~ sorry it took so long to post~ trying to catch up on orders~celebrating the big 50th birthday with family and friends~ and my daughter and family visiting from Virginia!!!

Sorry to say I am taking this month off from Early Work Mercantile to get caught up with orders and preparing for shows~ but will be back next month with some new offerings~

Until Next time~