Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thymes are changing....

As I sit here writing this post, drinking my coffee,the sun is trying to shine through the cloudy sky,birds chirping everywhere, and many things are traveling through my mind.... this past week has made me think about many things..some good and some bad....I have concluded that some of the trials that we go through in life are just bumps in the road and are there for a reason. I don't always know the reason..they just are and not for me to question!!!
My dear sweet mother-in-law is a diabetic and has had some problems with skin cancer on top of her head. The lesions have become severely infected and the cancer is eating into her skull..She goes on the 27th to the Alfond Cancer Center.. and hopefully will start treatments right away..She is a very sweet 81 year old woman..who stays very positive and it just makes you wonder WHY HER???? She takes very good care of herself and has a very positive attitude so hopefully this will get her through this bump in the road in her life...
It seems really nice not to be doing shows every weekend like I have in the past..shows have been very slow here in Maine due to the bad economy..It almost seems like sometimes I am playing hooky, lol!!! I just keep plugging along with my on line venues and having a good time with it, instead of stressing out all the time about if I have enough inventory! Maybe its my age or maybe its the thymes.. but things are definitely changing here at the Mill House. The rug hooking is so fun and so just doesn't seem like work~
So for me now... I'm enjoying my good friends, my family, and my thyme spent "hooking"!
"The more I think about it, the more I realize there is nothing more artistic than to love others."
~Vincent Van Gogh~

Until next time,

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Exciting happenings here at the Mill House!

Exciting things are happening here at the Mill House... I was invited to join a very elite group of very talented artists in a wonderful online mercantile. Please take time and check out the site.. there is some unbelievable talent on there.
Early Work Mercantile

I will be included on the 15th of every month offering and am very excited to be there!
Here are my offerings for this month!
1862 Angel Pillow

Hand Hooked Flowers

Pantry Boxes

AND... the other exciting thing happening here is... my daughter Lynsie has opened her own website... Since her daughter Emme was born.. she has just been snapping pictures after picture.. which is good for the family... because they are 1200 miles away! She is really into the whole photography thing and is taking classes online..
She loves the nature pictures and I think she does a really good job... even though I might be a little partial! Please take a few moments and visit her site... I promise you won't be disappointed! We are so very proud of her!
Lynsie's SmugMug

Well, there is much to be done... so until next time,

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Joys of Grandchildren....

Some exciting things are happening here at the Mill House which I promise I will share very soon! I know I keep saying that but I need to make sure things are in place before I do share! We took some much needed time away from the house this past weekend to meet my daughter, Lynsie and her family in Portland at Chuck E. Cheese. John is stationed in Virginia and they don't very often get to come home to Maine..and when they do there is so much family for them to see... SIGH....they have safely returned home to Virginia and Lynsie sent me some of the great pictures she took that night... I have to say I must have the cutest kids and grandchildren...AHHHH... maybe I am just partial...
Miss Em just loves Parmesan Cheese and of course... Grammie kept giving her more!

Mommy(Lynsie) giving Grammie the evil eye,lol!!!

My first time holding Hunter... he is just so sweet!

We all had so much fun...Miss Em just loved to play the games... she would get some tickets and have to bring them back to Mommy... Grammie did some running that won't be long before we can see them again...
Well, there are deadlines to meet... so I must get back to work... the studio is calling my name...
Until next time,

Monday, July 6, 2009

I can't believe it... another sunny day in Maine!!!

I really can't believe it...two days in a row, say nothing about 2 days in the same month..the SUN is out..we have had nothing but rain for the last 6 weeks it possible summer is really coming.I finally got all of my planting done this weekend..and the yard is really coming deck is always my favorite place to work in the summer...My spider plant holder was made by my grandfather back in the 1930's..he was a welder and he made it from old hay rake tines.. I just love it..I remember my grandmother always had it filled with red geraniums...with all of the rain and me being behind(as always), these petunias had to do for this year.. and I really like them too! Last night when Rob was mowing the lawn.. I heard him grumbling a little about hitting his head on traditions are carried on as my grandfather and father have grumbled a time or two about the very same thing!!!
Some very exciting things are happening here at the Mill House in the next couple of weeks... I'll be sharing very soon..I have some new pieces in the works...finishing up one today..hopefully.. and can't wait to start on an Ebay group I better be running along and will keep you all updated later!
Until next time,

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Time is just slipping by....

I don't know where the time has gone... everyday I have intentions of updating my blog... and before I know it the day is gone....I keep telling myself.. I will get to it before the day is over...As you can clearly see lots of days have gone past.. well.. here I am now! The picture was taken on my recent visit to my friends, Bill and Dianne Trussell's farm, French Hill Farm. I was truly amazed as when I pulled into their driveway... 30 plus baby lambs and their Mamas (Coopworth Sheep)all came running down the hill to the fence to see if the company was to visit them... They are so adorable! I purchase all of my sheep's wool that I use in my art from them... it is so soft and clean when it comes home with me...
Things have been so busy here at the Mill House...our grandchildren are growing so quickly... baby Hunter is almost 10 weeks now, Miss Em is 2, and the Mr Cameron just turned 3....and Caleb is 1 1/2 and never ever stops!
Lots has happened here since my last post.. I did the Maine Fiber Frolic... a two day show In Windsor Maine... thats was just a great time with all the animals...Here is a picture of my neighbor in the next booth to us which made for some good laughs throughout the weekend.

Another year of baseball has come and gone for Ben... he has made it through the last year of Madison Elementary and is onto his new adventure of Jr. High next year.... its kind of scary that my baby is almost 11... time sure does fly... Lynsie and her family are here in Maine visiting this week... and I can't wait until I get my turn to see them..its so hard when John only gets so much leave time.. and every one wants them when they come back to Maine... I am patiently.. well kind of... waiting! And... our oldest son, Rob Jr.. decided the other day... to Elope... yikes...we had been planning a wedding for the end of July... and all of the chaos got to them... so they just went and did it!!! I guess no one can complain now, can they?
After all these years of working in mixed mediums... trying to find my "THING" and make some money at it... I have found my true love... I think... not sure if I'm going to make any money at it... but I absolutely love it...Rug hooking... it is so relaxing and it so rewarding to see it all come I guess I can officially be called a "hooker". I want one of those tshirts that u see.... with I love to hook... but Rob doesn't think I should be wearing that kind of shirt in our small town... hey.. they think Im different now being a folk artist... so let them talk!!!! Well... the wool strips are calling my name... so until next time...which I promise won't be so long...
take care and make the best of every day,