Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer is slowly winding down.....

Summer here in Maine is slowly winding down..soon the laughter and the chitter chatter of all the kids on the street will be gone as they return to school! Its kind of a bittersweet feeling as I love having them all around but yet... I seem to get nothing done! We have had a good summer even though we haven't traveled very far...

Rob & Ben swimming at Lake George in Skowhegan, Maine
This past weekend was Madison Anson Days~ it means the end of summer but yet all of the kids seem to look forward to it...the parade seems to be the highlight along with the fireworks~I just love the old cars~

Anson Historical Society

~I just love these~

~Madison Fire Department~

~The day ended with the Fireworks~
Its has been tough getting the creativity to flow~maybe I just needed a bit of a break~ Rob & I went to three different Farmer's Markets over the past week~ I just love the open airy feeling there~After coming home from the last one I decided it was time to clean out the studio and get back to work~ no, its not clean yet, but will be soon!
Be sure to come back On Sept 1, as I will be sharing some exciting things happening at the MillHouse studio~
Until next time,

Friday, August 14, 2009

Early Work Mercantile Updates it ever hot here in Maine~ almost 90~ I know thats not hot to some~ but to us here in Maine~ its way too hot! Just wanted to pop in a give you a sneak preview of my updates for Early Work Mercantile for tomorrow!
Early Primitive Bucket with Hand Hooked Lid

Two High Button Baby Shoe Pin Keeps

Just thought I would share the updates... off to a cool air conditioned grocery store!
Until next time,

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Simpler Thymes.....

Good Morning all...
Life sure has been busy here at the Millhouse... I decided it was time to reorganize and redo my kitchen...need more room and less clutter...trying to go back to the simpler thymes.. hopefully making life a little less hectic...of course, I pick the hottest days of the summer to do that! It's almost done and I will share some pictures soon, I promise!!!
Just doing some much needed computer work this morning while Ben is still snoozing away...and I was just looking at some really cool old pictures on my computer that Rob's cousin and my dearest friend, Barbara, shared with us... I just love looking at old pictures and thinking how simple life was back then....
Obviously, procrastinating on the tasks that need to be done...but I came across this really neat picture of Robs great-grandparents, Fred and Lottie Young, taken sometime between the mid to late 1800's... I just love it... maybe its her apron( aprons are an addiction to me), maybe its the hard work but simple life that their faces show... or maybe its just because they are family.. What do you think?
Well.. I guess I better get my work done.. because Ben will be up soon and there will be lots of kids in the yard playing and enjoying a lazy summer day! I love to listen to their chatter and laughter as I know all too well... that soon he will be all grown up and leave the nest....
Until next time,