Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Simplified Christmas

I do believe winter is upon us and Christmas Day is fast approaching~ am I ready~ of course not~I was going to start my shopping today but Ben is home sick~ so looks like tomorrow will be the day! I know what I'm buying and where it is, so it will not be that bad~
We are changing our holiday traditions this year~ we have spent more time together as a family since Thanksgiving~ decorating, baking and just having fun as a family~ isn't this the true mean after all? Our new home is right next door to my sister-in law's house~ and she is a collector~ Rob calls it "hoarding" but we prefer to call it "collecting"... She has brought over several old decorations not even out of their package~ we have spent many evenings sitting at the table having coffee,after she arrives with her bags that she has had stashed for years.. watching Ben find the "perfect" spot for each and every decoration!
Ben's Christmas list was short this year~ He's getting out of the toy stage.. he's at that in between stage~ Over the weekend,he had a couple of friend's over and they were eating gingerbread cookies, drinking hot cocoa, and watching a Christmas movie in the living room~ I asked them what they all wanted for Christmas~ expecting these extravagant presents to be their wishes~ one said boots, one said a winter coat, and Ben said new Levi's cause he is growing and a new tie for his away games! My heart melted~ they all said simple things that are neccesities~ it was then that I realized since we moved in October he no longer asks for or feels like if he doesn't have something , he doesn't fit in! This is truly the best present Rob & I could of ever asked for~ he has learned that materials things are not what is important~
We are truly enjoying the holidays in our new home~ some traditons will remain the same~ Ribbon Candy and Peach blossoms will adorn our table on Christmas Eve, the tree in the kitchen has red, white and blue lights to honor the service men serving our country( we started this when my son-in-law was deployed over the holidays and will continue even though he is blessed for him to be home with his family this year), and Frosty , our hot cocoa dispenser,will be filled every evening until the New Year for anyone who may stop over~
I truly hope you and yours have a Happy Holiday season,
Until next time,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's Been Almost a Year!

I can't even believe its been almost a year since I have posted~ its been an eventful year I must say~ some bad and some good.
I took a part time job at the local nursing home in the dietary department and just love the job and the residents. It is so satisfying to know that you make a difference in their lives.
We lost our house this summer due to the bad economy but reflecting back on it~ it was a blessing in disguise. We bought a large mobile home on an acre of land that is 7 miles from where we used to live. The difference between the two towns is so unbelievable~ who would of thought!
Ben loves his new school and started basketball practice this week. He has actually become some sort of a human again!!!
After finally getting settled, the creativity juices are flowing again~ and its nice to have an outlet to relax! With that being said~ I better get back to work as I have a show on Black Friday in the town where I grew up~ it'll be nice to see some people that I know~

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Christmas Present~Maggie Mae

I know~ I don't post for two months then I post two days in a row~ just wanted to share our new addition to the family~ She was FREE to a good home~ I am just so excited~ I can't even believe it~ I have only ever dreamed of having two of them~ she is so sweet and lovable and BIG!!! I'm going to take more pics after my camera battery charges~ wish the darn thing would recharge itself!!!
Until next time,

Monday, December 14, 2009

**Let it Snow* Let it Snow* Let it Snow**

Miss Em Making Christmas Ornaments

I know~its been awhile~ battling the swine flu and the flu in this house since mid October~ not so much fun~ even less fun trying to pick up the pieces of everything that got put on the back burner while trying to take care of a sick child and recover myself~the house got tipped upside down~ business got put on hold, and family either got ignore or "grumped" at~ It is the Christmas season ~ and time to regroup and remember what is important~ MY FAMILY!!! Thank Goodness for Skype~ I have been missing my daughter and family terribly this holiday season~ and I got to watch them decorate their Christmas tree the other night 1200 miles away~We were so excited~~~
We have a new website in the works for the new year~and lots of new ideas~ and many plans~ time will tell if they are meant to be~ Hope you all enjoy the holidays an remember what is truly important~~~
Until next time,

Thursday, October 22, 2009

~Have You Ever Felt Like This Was You?

The colors here on the trees are fading and the leaves are gently falling here in Maine~ Some exciting and not so exciting things happening here in the studio~ The past few days have felt like an emotional roller coaster~ lots of ups and downs~
My mom had eye surgery and it was successful!!! YAY!!! She has some of her sight back and will still improve over the next few days~ she is very pleased with the outcome and of course, so are we!!!
Took a day off out of the studio to regroup and spend some time with my parents~ the past day or two has been hurtful and some lessons well learned~ yes,I am still learning as I go even at my age~ My mother has owned two artsy type businesses since I was little girl and I figured she would have some good advice to help me move on~ Boy, did I ever open a can of worms~She had lots of advice!!However, her key piece of advice was~ "Everyone has there own way of doing business~and not everyone is going to like it but will be real quick to criticize and tell you what you should of done!" My Goodness... SHE HIT THAT NAIL RIGHT ON THE HEAD!!! So,advice well taken and time to move forward~ new doors have opened already~ tomorrow will be spent in the studio preparing for my Homestead Harvest Show in Farmington, Maine this weekend~
Until next time,

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

And the Winner is.......

Danielle From PA!!! Thanks to everyone who entered~ sorry it took so long to post~ trying to catch up on orders~celebrating the big 50th birthday with family and friends~ and my daughter and family visiting from Virginia!!!

Sorry to say I am taking this month off from Early Work Mercantile to get caught up with orders and preparing for shows~ but will be back next month with some new offerings~

Until Next time~

Friday, September 25, 2009


Time just never slows down here at the Mill House~ Fall always seems to be a busy time~Ben going back to school~ apple picking~trips to the pumpkin patch~fall decorating~preparing the gardens for the long Maine winters~

This fall appears to be no different~ Rob turns 50 on October 12 and is less than impressed~ I wanted to have a big party BUT he says no way~ NOT HAPPENING~ So we decided to celebrate the Grand Opening of our website(its been in the works for awhile now) with YOU!!!

We have two exciting things happening~ GIVE AWAY and A HUGE SALE~
First from Friday September 25 to Monday Septemember 28~ EVERYTHING IN OUR WEB SHOP IS 50% OFF~THATS RIGHT 50% OFF~~

Last but not least~ our GIVE AWAY~ one lucky winner will win the fall basket~ There are a few ways to enter~
1. Leave a comment on this post~ 1 entry
2. Follow my blog~ 1 entry
3. Sign up for our mailing list ~ 3 entries
4. Blog about my Giveaway ~4 entries
5. Join my Facebook Fan Page~ 1 entry

Wow~ thats a possibility of 10 entries to win~Rob will be drawing the lucky winner on his birthday on October 12~ If you are not a blogger, please leave an email where we may contact you if you are the Lucky Winner!

Well~the studio is calling my name~ time to get back to work~
Until next time,