Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another Dreary Morning....

It's another dreary morning... at least its not pouring like it did most of the day yesterday! It might be dreary outside.. but things are bustling here at the studio... Have my show schedule almost done... and it is a full one! I was just looking at some photos on my computer and just had to share this one... How lucky we are to have such sweet healthy grandchildren! Miss Em and Hunter! Well... just wanted to pop in and say Hi! We are off to Boothbay Harbor this weekend for the Fisherman's Festival and next weekend is the May Day Festival in Kennebunk, Maine...
I will post my schedule I get confirmations and set dates...
Until next time,

Monday, April 20, 2009


Well... I did it again!! I have been negligent in postings.... so much is going on here at the Mill House... I just needed to take a step back and get my priorities straight... now its time to get back to work! Many happy events in the last couple of months..... We have a new grandson, Johnathan Hunter Samuel McIlhinney....I have had some much needed oral surgery that has been put off now for over 5 years... and the best of all the news is.. our son-in-law, John is home from his 7 month deployment in the gulf!!! I can finally sleep at night.. knowing he is safe at home with his family, my daughters delivery was fine... and the surgery is OVER!!!! These have all been taking a toll on me and its very hard to be creative when the worries just over take it now things are back in order... and if I can just get Ben through 4th grade... things will be perfect! Until, next time.. which I promise won't be so long,