Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thymes are changing....

As I sit here writing this post, drinking my coffee,the sun is trying to shine through the cloudy sky,birds chirping everywhere, and many things are traveling through my mind.... this past week has made me think about many things..some good and some bad....I have concluded that some of the trials that we go through in life are just bumps in the road and are there for a reason. I don't always know the reason..they just are and not for me to question!!!
My dear sweet mother-in-law is a diabetic and has had some problems with skin cancer on top of her head. The lesions have become severely infected and the cancer is eating into her skull..She goes on the 27th to the Alfond Cancer Center.. and hopefully will start treatments right away..She is a very sweet 81 year old woman..who stays very positive and it just makes you wonder WHY HER???? She takes very good care of herself and has a very positive attitude so hopefully this will get her through this bump in the road in her life...
It seems really nice not to be doing shows every weekend like I have in the past..shows have been very slow here in Maine due to the bad economy..It almost seems like sometimes I am playing hooky, lol!!! I just keep plugging along with my on line venues and having a good time with it, instead of stressing out all the time about if I have enough inventory! Maybe its my age or maybe its the thymes.. but things are definitely changing here at the Mill House. The rug hooking is so fun and so just doesn't seem like work~
So for me now... I'm enjoying my good friends, my family, and my thyme spent "hooking"!
"The more I think about it, the more I realize there is nothing more artistic than to love others."
~Vincent Van Gogh~

Until next time,

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  1. Now that is a very good saying suz! I'm so sorry for what your mom-in-law is going through and she is in my thoughts and prayers daily. Who knows why these things happen..but here are reasons..we just do not always see them at first. :)

    It's nice when the work doesn't seem like work isn't it..that's how I feel thankful to do what I do and love it. And you are feeling that now too!



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