Tuesday, September 8, 2009

~The Quietness of the House Again~

Well~ Labor Day has come and gone! Rob is back to work and Ben is back to school~ the only sounds I hear now is the music playing softly~washer and dryer doing their job~ and the dog whimpering cause he just watched the Ben walk off to school!
We had a busy weekend here at the Mill House~ saw some old friends, lots of playing time, ripped out some old carpets, and I redid my Etsy shoppe finally! It was one of those things that I kept saying~I'll get to it~ but I never did~ so I FINALLY DID IT!

I am also proud to know be a part of the Old Farmhouse Gathering group on Etsy~ what a wonderfully talented group of artists~ I can't wait to meet more of them~ Please do stop by and look around~
Well~ I must get busy now~ the studio has now taken over two rooms of the house instead of one~ the office has been turned into just that~ my office and Ben's music room~ he will be starting piano lessons very soon~ My parents bought him this beautiful antique piano last spring~ and he is very excited~
So~ I need to do some more reorganizing in the studio part~ and then out to the deck to do some hooking and enjoying these last great days of summer~
Until next time,

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